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Cajun Seven Layer Dip

I?ve talked about my husband\'s Louisiana roots before, so I am thrilled to be able to work with Jay D?s Molasses Mustard. Jay Ducote was my favorite...
21-01-2017 18:55

Guava Pastries

A while back, I was lucky enough to be chosen to receive a box from a company called Try the World. They send out monthly subscription boxes, with di...
19-01-2017 18:56

Mini Zucchini Banana Bread

For our last garden harvest this year, we had a large amount of zucchini. Since fall is a time of year that we love to bake in our house, I thought a...
18-01-2017 18:56

Savory Rye Gougeres

Bob\'s Red Mill makes some of the best flours out there to bake with. I love these savory little puffs that are made with Bob\'s Dark Rye Flour. Savo...
17-01-2017 18:55

Fried Catfish So Good You Will Wanna Slap Ya Mama

This is one of my favorite dishes that I make though not often enough. It is relatively simple, extremely messy and ridiculously good. You may want to...
16-01-2017 18:56

Pressure Cooker Chunky Applesauce

Our past sponsor, Instant Pot, gave us the opportunity to play and revel in this fantastic new electric pressure cooker. This beauty does it all: 7-in...
13-01-2017 18:54

Steel Cut Oatmeal Bread

Especially in cold weather, I love to start the day with a bowl of great oatmeal. I love Bob\'s Red Mill\'s steel cut oats - they cook into a hearty p...
12-01-2017 18:57

Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker Fudgy Pudgy Cake

Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker Fudgy Pudgy Cakeby Holly K of Holly\'s TableAdapted from Baked Fudge Pudding Cake Cooking spray6 Tablespoons unsweetened co...
11-01-2017 18:56

Slow Cooked Ropa Vieja

I live in Texas. So when the temperatures drop below 80, it\'s time to pull out the slow cooker to let dinner cook slowly during the day. Why I associ...
19-12-2016 18:56

Golden Graham Cereal Butter

Have you ever had the cookie butter from Trader Joes" It is so delicious. If you have I am sure that you love it just as much as everyone else. It has...
15-12-2016 18:55

The Past Sponsors Challenge

Since 37 Cooks first started on this fun journey back in 2012, we\'ve had the chance to work with some wonderful sponsors. The Spice House, Bob?s Red ...
13-12-2016 18:55

Prosciutto, Fig Jam and Goat Cheese Pizza

Howdy! My name is pronounced keer (like beer)-sten and I?m a seasonal eater. Since 2006 I?ve been eating with the seasons via Community Supported Agri...
12-12-2016 18:56

Steak Kue

My parents owned Gee\'s Restaurant in Houston, Texas for over 35 years. Opened in 1955, the menu featured dishes that were truly the epitome of Canton...
07-12-2016 18:56

Chicken and Spinach Enchiladas

I?m not sure how ?retro? a recipe is from 1986 but I ran into a problem finding my mother?s old recipe books. We recently packed up her house and the...
06-12-2016 18:56

Herbed Chicken Casserole

In the early 1980\'s, a friend of mine gave me this recipe. Over the years, this has proven to be my favorite dish for entertaining during the week. T...
05-12-2016 18:57

Cheese Fondue

When this challenge was posted, my husband and I started talking about what "retro" recipes meant to each of us. For me, I think of Jello salads, bolo...
29-11-2016 18:55

Beef and Broccoli

Beef and Broccoli is one of the classic American Chinese dishes. It was invented in the 1800\'s, where immigrants from southern China would often adap...
28-11-2016 18:55

Chicken with Dressing

I just couldn\'t make up my mind on what retro dish I wanted to redo. To be honest, I never had this back in the 1960\'s-1980\'s, so I\'m not really s...
22-11-2016 18:57

Impossible Turkey Taco Pie

Do you remember when Impossible Pies were a big thing"I do. I loved them. Or, being honest, I loved some of them. The taco pie was my favoriteThe Impo...
21-11-2016 18:57

Cherry Fruitcake

When thinking about a retro recipe, the first thing that I did was pulled some of my oldest cookbooks off of the shelf. I flipped through pages of asp...
16-11-2016 18:58

Butternut Squash Ravioli with Brown Butter Sage Sauce

Please meet another one of our amazing new cooks, Brandie!******************************************************************************I was born and...
16-11-2016 18:58

Pecan Cheesecake Pie

Hi readers! Please meet another one of our awesome new cooks, Connie Cameron!*************************************************************************...
14-11-2016 18:59

Cauliflower Fondue Soup

I\'m pretty obsessed with my Instant Pot these days. The Retro Recipe Redo challenge, a discussion about fondue, and a recipe I saw online on "Eating ...
09-11-2016 18:58

Self-Crusting Pumpkin Pie

This recipe comes via The Los Angeles Times California Cookbook. Originally published in 1981, it definitely qualifies as retro.Based on the "Impossib...
07-11-2016 18:59

Southwestern Burrito Bowl

Hi readers! We are so happy and excited to announce that we will be introducing you to a few new members of 37 Cooks! First up, please meet Sarah Dyer...
02-11-2016 19:00

Danish Meatballs

When I was little, my mom had a set of 18 McCall\'s cookbooks. I adored thumbing through each and every one. I loved the pictures, especially in the c...
01-11-2016 18:56

Retro Recipe Redo!

Hi readers (and Happy Halloween, by the way)! It\'s time for our latest challenge! This time around 37 Cooks went a little retro! Remember those old r...
31-10-2016 18:59

Savory Chile Bread Pudding

The Spice House offers an amazing selection of chile peppers. Dried, powdered, or in blends, you will find the highest quality chiles to perfect your...
27-10-2016 18:57

Date Bars with Cardamom, Mace and Orange Flower Water

I recently discovered that I no longer fear Indian food. I have been experimenting with cardamom and other India-centric flavors and thought date bar...
26-10-2016 18:58

Old Town Spiced Chai Pound Cake

My kids have always preferred homemade birthday cakes, especially John. A few years ago, we were at our camp for his birthday. He asked for a pound ca...
25-10-2016 18:58

Creamsicle Fudge

The Spice House is one seriously unique place. I cannot tell you how much I learn just by going on the website. They are not only informative...they h...
24-10-2016 18:59

Cinnamon Toasted Pecan Cheesecake with Sour Cream Topping

Cheesecake has always been a favorite in our household and when I found out that 37 Cooks would be sponsored by The Spice House for our second challen...
20-10-2016 18:57

Orange Canelé de Bordeaux

Pastries in France vary from region to region. The canelé hails from Bordeaux. This smaller than cupcake sized treat has a crunchy and chewy outside w...
19-10-2016 18:58

Caribbean Calypso Pumpkin Bread

This pumpkin bread from the Virginia Hospitality Cookbook is one of my all-time favorites. It\'s my most requested tea bread from my husband\'s cowor...
18-10-2016 19:00

Sautéed Onion and Mushroom Quiche Pie

Do you ever get in a food rut sometimes, cooking the same things over and over and over again" Well, I do. And quiche is one of those food rut dishe...
17-10-2016 19:00

Savory Cheese Custard with Fleur de Sel and Parmesan Wafers

When I first heard our latest sponsor, The Spice House, requested a ?baking? challenge, I was perplexed. All my fellow 37 cooks, along with family and...
13-10-2016 18:58

Espresso Chocolate Muffin Tops

Ahhhhhh, The Spice House. One of my favorite past challenges ever. I was so happy to hear that they wanted to sponsor us again. This company not only ...
12-10-2016 18:59

Chiffy?s Chocolate Chip Scones with Cake Spice

We?ve all tasted or at least seen cloyingly sweet scones from a national coffee chain covered in a thick shell of sugary glaze ? well, these aren?t th...
11-10-2016 18:59

Sausage Cheese Scones

My family loves scones. I love them too, but it\'s partly because they\'re so darned easy and quick. They\'re versatile, too! We had some leftover Ita...
10-10-2016 19:00

Key Lime Pie Beer Bread

Beer bread is something that I was first introduced to through a Pampered Chef party over 15 years ago. It was love at first bite. I love that I have ...
06-10-2016 18:57

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

I don\'t know about you, but I\'ve always loved and preferred oatmeal raisin cookies over just about any other cookie. Each time I make them, I\'m rem...
05-10-2016 18:59

Anise, Ginger and Lemon Madeleines with Lemon Glaze

The Spice House challenge has been one of my favorites to date mainly due to the fact that I love playing with flavors and wholeheartedly admit I am a...
04-10-2016 18:58

Peach Blackberry Crisp

This dessert is super easy and quick to prepare. I can think of all sorts of wonderful fruit combinations for this crisp, but I decided to use fresh p...
03-10-2016 18:59

Lavender-Vanilla Tea Cakes

There are times when only something fancy will do - but if you\'re clever, you don\'t have to work hard as well. These lovely tea cakes are a case in ...
29-09-2016 18:59

Maple Pecan Muffins

This is the second time The Spice House has sponsored 37 Cooks. They have been supplying those in the know with spices, herbs and seasonings since 1...
28-09-2016 18:57

Buttery Dutch Baby with Berbere Vegetables

My family loves a showstopping Dutch baby. Normally I make a sweet version, but there is always room for a savory version in our brunch rotation. I ho...
27-09-2016 18:56

Cousin Connie's Chocolate Pie

A few months back, my bride\'s cousin Connie, from Tennessee, was visiting our area, and one night after dinner she asked if we wanted dessert. Well, ...
26-09-2016 18:57

Sunny Paris Olive and Ham Cake

Have you ever had a tried and true recipe that you make over and over for gatherings" The French love to make savory cakes for outdoor gatherings, pic...
22-09-2016 18:56

Maple Pecan Baklava

The word baklava means ?many leaves?. I have always loved this Middle Eastern treat, but was hesitant to make it. A few weeks ago I did a review of a ...
21-09-2016 18:57

Delicious Deep Dish Apple Pie

This is a recipe I have been developing for years. I think the crust definitely can make or break a pie just as much as the spices and apple variety u...
20-09-2016 18:55

Rustic Cayenne Spiced Cherry and Almond Tart

Rustic Cayenne Spiced Cherry and Almond Tart by Tracy HershCrust:1 1/2 cups flour1 1/2 sticks butter, cold and cut into cubes1 teaspoon salt2 Tablespo...
19-09-2016 18:56

Hickory Smoke Salt and Browned Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Chocolate chip cookies! When The Spice House Baking Challenge was announced, I knew I wanted to bake some, but I also knew I wanted to do something a...
15-09-2016 18:55

Tomato Rolls with an Herby Cream Cheese Swirl

I don\'t know what it is about swirl rolls, but I love making them, no matter if they\'re sweet or savory. They\'re just fun.The rolls are pretty much...
14-09-2016 18:55

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuits with Hashbrowns

I had so much fun baking biscuits for The Spice House! To think, when we moved to Georgia nine years ago, I had never made a homemade biscuit and cons...
13-09-2016 18:55

The Spice House Challenge

What a delightful honor it was to work with our friends at The Spice House again! Our first collaboration with them was over two years ago and they ...
12-09-2016 18:56

Sweet Peach Tea Jam

What do you do when someone sends you fabulous barbecue sauce" Mine is made by Jay Ducote, who you may recognize as a runner-up on Season 11 of the re...
09-09-2016 18:55

Savory Chicken & Goat Cheese Tart

Whether you?re making sweet or savory tarts, there are so many delicious options to enjoy. And, when my kids are home for family dinner on Sunday, thi...
08-09-2016 18:55

Molasses Mustard BBQ Cookies

They say there are only three types of cookies and that the rest are only variations. Okay, by \'they\' I mean my husband.He believes in: chocolate ch...
07-09-2016 18:55

Shish Kebabs with Beef Marinade

With barbecue season in full swing. Jay D\'s barbecue sauce is a welcome addition to barbecue season. This marinade will make the cheapest cuts tende...
06-09-2016 18:55

Pulled Pork and Peach Quesadillas with Jay D's Louisiana Mol

As soon as I tasted Jay D\'s Louisiana Molasses Mustard I though of Sid\'s smoked butt and Ruston peaches. I\'m not sure if the weather has delayed th...
05-09-2016 18:53

Molasses Mustard Crab/Shrimp Balls

I absolutely love seafood. My ultimate favorite is crab. When I tasted Jay D\'s Louisiana Molasses Mustard while making another recipe, I thought it ...
01-09-2016 18:54

Shrimp Po?Boy with Molasses Mustard Remoulade

The first time I enjoyed a po? boy was in New Orleans. I heard many stories about the origin of the sandwich, all very entertaining. One thing is cert...
31-08-2016 18:55

BBQ Beef Short Rib Steamed Buns

BBQ Beef Short Rib Steamed Bunsby Sarah Kwan of earthlydelightsblog.comMakes 8 medium buns or 12 small bunsSteamed Buns1 1/2 cups flour1 1/2 tsp bakin...
30-08-2016 18:54

Deviled Eggs with Homemade BBQ Mayonnaise

Deviled Eggs with Homemade BBQ Mayonnaiseby Tracy HershHomemade BBQ Mayonnaise1 egg, room temperature1 teaspoon salt1 teaspoon mustard powder1 1/4 cup...
29-08-2016 18:55

BBQ Pulled Corned Beef Sandwich

Pork and chicken are the most popular pulled meat for sandwiches, but why not use another type" Corned beef is rarely used outside of St. Patrick?s D...
25-08-2016 18:54

Jay D?s Molasses Mustard Cheese Dip and BBQ Cheese Curd Pret

Food Network fans will remember Jay Ducote as the runner-up on Season 11 of Food Network Star. He was likable, funny and always seemed to make great f...
24-08-2016 18:54

Barbecue Vegetable Tacos with BBQ Sauce Creama

I was so excited when I found out that Jay Ducote was going to sponsor us! When I think of barbecue sauce, of course I think of the grill. What is be...
23-08-2016 18:55

Barbecue Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Jay Ducote?s Jay D?s Louisiana Barbecue Sauce is carefully crafted from a blend of traditional Louisiana spices, with a hit of pure cane sugar for som...
22-08-2016 18:54

Zippy Mustardy Potatoes

I\'ve "known" Jay Ducote for a few years now, although I\'ve never seen him in person. We first "met" when a book publisher chose us - along with quit...
18-08-2016 18:54

Korean BBQ Baby Back Ribs

I am used to gathering a large number of ingredients when I make my family?s favorite ribs. This time, I had the pleasure of starting my Korean BBQ sa...
17-08-2016 18:54

Smoking a Fatty

I\'ve tried many, many different brands of BBQ sauce, and I\'ve never thought that any one in particular stood out from all the others, until I tried ...
16-08-2016 18:54

Shrimp Potstickers featuring Jay D?s Louisiana Barbecue Sauc

Years ago I had a small restaurant in southwest Colorado. It featured ethnic cuisine which was in limited supply in our town. I served Asian potstic...
15-08-2016 18:54

Jay D's BBQ Sloppy Joe Grilled Cheese

 As a member of 37 Cooks, we get sponsors sending us some of their products to try. When I heard that Jay Ducote was gonna send us two varieties of h...
12-08-2016 18:54

Beef & Bacon Meatloaf Sandwiches with Horseradish Cream & Ro

Beef & Bacon Meatloaf Sandwiches with Horseradish Cream + Roasted Potato Wedgesby Holly Kyman of Holly\'s TableAdapted from Bon Appétit\'s BA\'s Best...
11-08-2016 18:54

Molasses Mustard Kale Chips

My kids love kale chips. Honestly, I can?t believe how much they love them. When we are at the store shopping, my little one will see the kale and ask...
10-08-2016 18:56

Sauteed Shrimp with Tangy Barbecue Sauce

The flavor-packed punch of Jay D\'s Barbecue Sauce adds the perfect amount of heat and sweetness to these shrimp. Fresh ginger, garlic, and mild green...
09-08-2016 18:54

Roasted Carrots with Molasses Mustard Glaze

I was so excited to find out our latest sponsor was Jay Ducote! I watched every episode of the Food Network show ?Next Food Network Star?, and rooted ...
08-08-2016 18:54

Chicken Bombs

I love trying new sauces, marinades, and seasonings. Jay D\'s Louisiana Molasses Mustard is fantastic!!! This sauce gave that extra kick to the Chick...
04-08-2016 18:54

Jay's Mardi Gras Tacos

These tacos were photographed without the jalapenos but theylook and taste best with them! Slice some up!Jay Ducote is on fire these days. He has a ne...
03-08-2016 18:53

Bloody Bull

One of the first times I ever had a Bloody Mary was on a train trip with my husband, his brother and my sister-in-law. We were traveling from Washingt...
02-08-2016 18:56

Mustard BBQ Egg Rolls

Barbecue sauce has been around since almost immediately after the invention of the grill. Just when you think nothing could possibly be ?new,? along ...
01-08-2016 18:54

Try the World - Churrasco BBQ Pork

Hi readers! Here is our third and final Try the World review and recipe! Today we bring you Matt the Butcher\'s amazing Churrasco BBQ Pork!**********...
28-07-2016 18:54

Spatchcocked Creole???? Mustard Turkey

A little known fact about me is that I absolutely love to grill. Over wood or with gas, it doesn\'t matter. I own three grills that are all used for d...
28-07-2016 18:54

Jay D's Grilled Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings

Summer is here and it\'s time to break out the grill. Here is a different appetizer treat to satisfy the bacon loving crowd on a lazy summer day. Thes...
27-07-2016 18:54

Try the World - Brazilian Nut Cupcakes with Geleia De Jabuti

Hi readers! Here is our second Try the World review and recipe! Traci made Brazilian Nut Cupcakes with Geleia De Jabutivaba Frosting!*************...
27-07-2016 18:54

Try the World - Guava Cheese Ice Cream

Hi readers! Three of our lucky cooks recently had the great opportunity to review boxes they received from a great company called Try the World. For ...
26-07-2016 18:54

Roasted Arctic Char with Asparagus and Pistachio Gremolata

We\'re lucky to have a great farmer\'s market relatively near our home where we can get fresh fish. It takes us about an hour to drive there, but on a...
26-07-2016 18:54

The Jay D's BBQ Sauce Challenge

If you?re a fan of the Food Network show ?Next Food Network Star?, you?ll recognize our latest sponsor! It?s none other than Jay Ducote, who finished ...
25-07-2016 18:54

Broccoli and Caramelized Onion Quiche

Quiche...I was once at a Jane Austen book club with my friend, Jeff. Our hostess made a wonderful quiche and Jeff asked for the recipe. Later in the d...
21-07-2016 18:56

Paleo Turmeric Cauliflower - Mashed Potato Style

Everyone has their favorite recipe when it comes to mashed potatoes. Well, I have a mashed potato recipe for you with one twist, it?s a Paleo diet ver...
20-07-2016 18:54

Stuffed Rolls of Delight

Little bundles of bread, hiding...well, anything. Perfect little snapshot of lunch in a roll. Cheese and ham, pulled pork and veggies, caramelized oni...
19-07-2016 18:54

Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken

Popcorn chicken in Taiwan, otherwise known as Yiansu Ji, is a popular and tasty snack. It is very common in snack bars, as well as bubble tea shops. I...
18-07-2016 18:55

Jada Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried green tomatoes are terrific as a snack on their own. They are also a wonderful accompaniment to macaroni and cheese, or with shrimp cocktail and...
14-07-2016 18:55

Avocado Salsa

I always like to throw a nice fresh side dish to go together with a meal. Great as an appetizer too. Avocado Salsa flavored with Jada Lime Chicken S...
13-07-2016 18:54

Southwestern Grilled Chicken Salad

My husband and I love salads, especially during the hot summer months. The beauty of this salad is that you can prepare most of the ingredients earlie...
12-07-2016 18:55

Chicken Kofta

Chicken Koftaby Sarah M.1 pound ground chicken1/2 large white onion, finely minced3 cloves garlic, finely minced2 handfuls parsley, finely minced1 tea...
11-07-2016 18:58

Spicy Roasted New Potatoes

Jada Chicken Salts come in many different varieties, and offer so many new options for your dinner table! Here, the Barbecue Blend and Red Pepper Blen...
07-07-2016 18:55

Barbecue Chicken Salt Caramel Popcorn

Alrighty friends. I came up with this idea early on in this challenge (even before we received the Jada Foods Chicken Salt Seasoning samples) and I?v...
06-07-2016 18:55


I am in several food groups. Recently one of them, The Cooler, had a discussion on Haluski. Since I love cabbage and buttered noodles, I knew I had ...
05-07-2016 18:56

Jada Lime Grilled Corn

I love grilled corn on the cob. The slight bit of smokiness and char from the grill highlights the sweetness of the fresh corn. Topping the corn with...
30-06-2016 18:54

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