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Spaghetti Squash Salad

This Spaghetti Squash Salad recipe is the easy, healthy Thai comfort food you need! Featuring silky strands of squash, crisp veggies, crunchy nuts and...
28-11-2022 19:38

Easy Homemade Dinner Rolls Recipe

These Homemade Dinner Rolls are soft, fluffy and bursting with rich, buttery flavor! This easy rolls recipe only requires 7 ingredients and they’re ...
24-11-2022 19:39

Unique Dinner Recipe with Pumpkin (Stuffed Shells!)

If you’re on the hunt for a unique dinner recipe with pumpkin, stop your scrolling. These rich and decadent Baked Pumpkin Stuffed Shells with Burrat...
22-11-2022 19:33

Butternut Squash Risotto (No-Stir Recipe!)

If you’re in the market for an elegant autumnal entrée, you simply must try my easy Butternut Squash Risotto. Made with a perfect balance of sweet,...
21-11-2022 19:33

Chili Con Queso (Easy Restaurant-Style Recipe!)

This creamy and meaty recipe for Chili Con Queso is the definition of delicious party fare! Featuring REAL ingredients, such as spicy chorizo, flavorf...
20-11-2022 19:33

Sweet Potatoes Soup (easy recipe!)

This Sweet Potato Soup recipe is insanely delicious, ultra-creamy, healthy and SO easy to make! You only need 8 simple ingredients, one pot and 15 min...
16-11-2022 19:38

Creamy Butternut Squash Mash Recipe

This creamy Butternut Squash Mash is the perfect fall side, from kid-friendly weeknight meals to Thanksgiving feasts. Featuring caramelized roasted wi...
15-11-2022 19:40

Bagel with eggs and cheese

These super speedy 15-minute Bagel Eggs are the ideal fuss-free sheet pan brunch. Featuring fresh bagels, perfectly runny eggs, salty parmesan cheese,...
09-11-2022 19:40

Asiago Rosemary Galette Potato

Crispy, creamy, starchy, and cheesy, this Asiago, Roasted Garlic & Rosemary Potato Galette is the carb accompaniment you need on your holiday table th...
08-11-2022 19:36

Confetti Cookies (Sprinkle Cookies Recipe)

These simple to make Funfetti Cookies are deliciously soft and chewy with light, crisp edges. Featuring plenty of vanilla flavoring, a plethora of col...
05-11-2022 19:37

Stuffing Muffins (Holiday Stuffing Leftovers Recipe)

Transform your holiday and Thanksgiving leftovers into Stuffing Muffins with just 5 minutes of hands on prep and a muffin pan! Featuring leftover stuf...
03-11-2022 19:38

Roulade of Turkey with Stuffing

Skip the stress of roasting a whole bird and make this unexpectedly easy, incredibly flavorful Turkey Breast Roll! Featuring rolled turkey breast meat...
01-11-2022 19:42

Jalapeno Dip with Cream Cheese

​​Step aside, Trader Joe’s! You can make the best jalapeno hummus right at home with 9 basic ingredients in just 15 minutes. This Jalapeno Dip w...
29-10-2022 19:39

Pumpkin Pie Martini

This Pumpkin Martini tastes like your favorite pumpkin pie in a chilled glass! Creamy, sweet, and rich with nuances of cinnamon and pumpkin spice, thi...
26-10-2022 19:35

Chinese Pepper Steak with Onions

If you love restaurant-style Chinese Pepper Steak with onions, you’ll love this quick and easy stir-fry recipe! Featuring tender slices of beef stir...
22-10-2022 19:41

Lava Cake in a Cup Recipe

This decadent Cake In A Cup Recipe is the quick & easy single-serve dessert you absolutely need in your life. This ooey-gooey, extra chocolatey, mug l...
19-10-2022 19:38

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

This roasted butternut squash soup is the must-make cozy soup for fall! Featuring roasted squash pureed with sautéed onions, apples and plenty of rob...
17-10-2022 19:40

How To Make A Pumpkin Keg for Beer

If you’re looking for a fun and festive way to add some serious fall flair to your Halloween celebrations and holiday parties, you need to learn How...
15-10-2022 19:41

Roasted Red Pepper Sauce (Amazing Flavor!)

This creamy 10-ingredient Roasted Red Pepper Sauce features fresh bell peppers, garlic, parmesan, sweet basil and rich, smoky, savory flavors! It can ...
12-10-2022 19:46

Roasted Turkey Breast (deli meat)

Save money and make your life a little healthier by learning how to make your own DIY deli-style oven-roasted turkey breast. This simple, straightforw...
08-10-2022 19:41

Recipe for Fajita Seasoning

This recipe for Fajita Seasoning is the perfect way to add smoky, savory, and slightly spicy flavor to any type of Mexican meal, from steak and chicke...
01-10-2022 19:30

Chicken Fajita Casserole

This meal-prep friendly, Easy Chicken Fajita Casserole is the answer to hectic weeknight meals. Made with tender pieces of chicken breast cooked along...
28-09-2022 19:30

Healthy Apple Cinnamon Granola

This healthy Apple Cinnamon Granola features huge crispy clusters of oats flavored with warm cinnamon, spectacular apple pie spice and a sprinkling of...
23-09-2022 19:27

Tortillas Recipe: How to Make Flour Tortilla from Scratch

Despite what you may think, Homemade Flour Tortillas are well within your reach. Only 5 ingredients and 15 minutes of hands-on prep stand between you ...
21-09-2022 19:28

Chicken Corn Chowder Recipe

Rich and creamy – this recipe for Chicken Corn Chowder is SO delicious and incredibly simple to prepare. Plus, this creamy soup is made entirely in ...
17-09-2022 19:29

San Marzano Marinara Tomato Sauce

Looking for a delicious and hearty marinara sauce made with San Marzano Tomatoes" This is it! This spaghetti marinara is super easy to make and comes ...
14-09-2022 19:26

New York Style Bagels

Learn how to make New York Style Bagels right at home with pantry ingredients in under an hour! Soft and chewy on the inside with a perfectly crisp ex...
10-09-2022 19:26

Blackberry Bramble Cocktail Recipe

This Blackberry Bramble recipe is a jazzed-up version of a traditional Bramble cocktail. Made with gin, lemon juice, blackberry liqueur, blackberry si...
07-09-2022 20:00

Cool Whip as Frosting!

If you’re on the hunt for a whipped cream icing that holds up in the heat, look no further than this Cool Whip Frosting recipe. You can transform a ...
03-09-2022 19:36

Amazing Recipe for Slow Cooker Brisket!

This easy Slow Cooker Brisket Beef takes 10 minutes and 8 ingredients to prepare – set it and forget it in the crock pot! Featuring spice-rubbed be...
31-08-2022 19:51

Ricotta Gnocchi Recipe (easy Italian dumplings!)

Move over potato gnocchi, there’s a new Italian dumpling in town and it’s made with ricotta cheese! These ricotta gnudi (or “nudi”) are pill...
27-08-2022 19:56

Sugar Cinnamon Toast (2 Easy Ways!)

Move over french toast and sticky cinnamon rolls — there’s a new sheriff in town! Sweet, buttery, rich, and bursting with warmly spiced flavors, m...
24-08-2022 19:50

Cheese Tortellini with Pesto Sauce

Pairing a package of cheese tortellini and store-bought pesto sauce with a few summer-fresh ingredients creates a luxuriously delicious (and EASY) din...
20-08-2022 19:29

Build Your Own Bagel and Lox Breakfast

Build the ultimate Bagel and Lox sandwiches and brunch bar with all your favorite toppings. From ingredient options, like gravlax, whipped cream chees...
18-08-2022 19:30

Courgette Fries (Baked Zucchini Sticks!)

Oven-Baked Courgette Fries are the perfect healthy alternative to classic french fries and potato chips. With an irresistible crunchy parmesan coating...
14-08-2022 19:28

Homemade Tomato Soup with Basil

This creamy, comforting tomato basil soup is bursting with robust tomato flavor and only requires 15 minutes of prep! Featuring ripe fresh or canned t...
10-08-2022 19:26

Quinoa Broccoli Cheddar Tots Recipe

Step aside classic tater tots – these crispy baked broccoli tots are the ultimate! Featuring fresh broccoli florets, cheddar cheese and a crispy qui...
06-08-2022 19:36

No Bake Key Lime Pie (Cheesecake)

Rich, ultra-creamy, and bursting with tropical sweet-tart citrusy goodness, my No-Bake Key Lime Pie is a summertime dessert miracle. This easy pie rec...
03-08-2022 19:30

Grilled Peach Salad With Burrata

Celebrate summer with the ultimate Peach Burrata Salad! Featuring grilled peaches with sweet raspberries, rich burrata, meaty prosciutto, peppery arug...
31-07-2022 19:23

Easy Chimichurri Sauce (for flank or skirt steak)

This quick and easy Chimichurri Steak packs tons of bright, herbaceous flavor! Featuring either tender flank steak or beefy skirt steak along with a h...
27-07-2022 19:33

Alabama White Sauce for BBQ

The perfect combination of tangy, peppery, and slightly sweet with a kiss of heat, Alabama white BBQ sauce is a barbecue-pit legend in the south! This...
21-07-2022 19:28

How to Make Strawberry Crunch (2 easy ways!)

Do you adore strawberry shortcake Good Humor bars" You’ll love this recipe for Strawberry Crunch Topping! Here I show you two separate ways (bake an...
17-07-2022 19:29

Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs (BLT-Style)

Forget the classic hot dog – these bacon-wrapped hot dogs are the ultimate! This recipe features the All-American hot dog, wraps it with bacon, load...
04-07-2022 19:30

AMAZING Burger Seasoning Mix

Smoky and savory with the perfect hint of sweet and spice, this burger seasoning creates amazing hamburgers, cheeseburgers, turkey or veggie burgers a...
01-07-2022 19:25

Hot Dog Onions (pantry recipe!)

Sweet, smoky, tangy, and just a little bit saucy, my Hot Dog Onions recipe is sure to take your franks to a whole new flavor dimension. You only need ...
29-06-2022 19:26

How to Make the Best Tuna Salad (with Fresh Tuna!)

Learn how to make the best tuna salad recipe with fresh tuna! This tuna fish recipe pairs fresh tuna steaks with crisp veggies and pantry staples to c...
25-06-2022 19:23

Steak Stir Fry with Zucchini

If you’re in the market for a healthy, hearty, and speedy family dinner, you can stop your scrolling! My Steak Stir-Fry with Zucchini boasts tender ...
22-06-2022 19:29

Easy Candied Walnuts Recipe

Once you’ve tried these candied walnuts, you’ll want to have a batch handy at all times! Maple candied walnuts with brown sugar and a touch of sal...
19-06-2022 19:28

The Easiest Honey Mustard Chicken

This Honey Mustard Chicken is the most delicious, melt-in-your-mouth baked chicken recipe I’ve ever tried. Juicy chicken breasts are baked in an inc...
15-06-2022 19:27

Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce Recipe

Ultra-creamy and equal parts tangy, savory, and sweet, this super simple recipe for Honey Mustard Sauce is a must-have for any summer gathering! Made ...
12-06-2022 19:25

Easy Healthy Falafel Recipe

Learn how to make this classic healthy falafel recipe! Crispy on the outside and bursting with herbaceous fresh flavor, these healthy chickpea patties...
09-06-2022 19:25

Whipped Chive Cream Cheese (Plus Flavor Variations!)

This delicious deli-style whipped cream cheese is light, fluffy and so flavorful: perfect for spreading on bagels, toast and sandwich wraps, or using ...
03-06-2022 19:29

Roasted Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

15-minute Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus is a healthy and beautiful side dish or appetizer that’s sure to impress! Featuring fresh asparagus wrapped w...
29-05-2022 19:26

Avocado Tuna Poke Salad Bowl

This Avocado Mango Tuna Poke Salad Bowl recipe swaps out sushi rice for greens and is essentially a ‘how-to’ build your own healthy ahi poke bowl!...
26-05-2022 19:29

Sheet Pan Shrimp and Potatoes

This Shrimp Sheet Pan Dinner is so delicious and only requires 6 ingredients and 15 minutes of preparation! Featuring plump lemon garlic shrimp; crisp...
22-05-2022 19:26

Strawberry Champagne Sangria (10 Minute Recipe!)

Bubbly and refreshing – Learn how to make the best homemade sangria! Featuring Champagne, Sparkling or Rosé wine, along with sweet white wine, a hi...
19-05-2022 19:43

One Pan Sausage and Veggies

Sheet Pan Sausage and Veggies features juicy Italian sausages alongside peppers, potatoes and your favorite vegetables, roasted to perfection and serv...
12-05-2022 19:23

Bacon Baked Beans (with brown sugar and bourbon!)

Learn how to make the best baked beans with bacon and bourbon! These easy bacon baked beans are an irresistible blend of bold sweet, savory and smoky ...
09-05-2022 19:28

10-Minute Marinated Tomatoes Recipe

10 minute Marinated Tomato Recipe – featuring plump, juicy tomatoes, fragrant garlic and fresh herbs marinated in a tangy lemon vinaigrette! This qu...
05-05-2022 19:25

Cake Mix Cookie Bars (Create Your Own!)

Learn how to make your own Cookie Bars with just a box of cake mix and 4 simple ingredients! These cake mix cookie bars are ultra-moist with a soft, t...
30-04-2022 19:24

Asparagus Frittata Recipe (30 minutes!)

This 8-ingredient Asparagus Frittata is so simple to prepare, ready in 30 minutes and made entirely in the oven! Overflowing with crisp asparagus, ri...
28-04-2022 19:26

Creamy Florentine Chicken Recipe (30 minute dinner!)

Quick, easy, decadent and so delicious – this simple one pan Chicken Florentine recipe is the perfect weeknight dinner! Juicy pan-seared and Italian...
23-04-2022 19:29

Cream Cheese Pasta (10 minutes + 1 pot!)

This simple Cream Cheese Pasta recipe is a quick and delicious weeknight dinner made in one pot with 9 ingredients and 10 minutes of prep! This Philad...
15-04-2022 19:54

Avocado Green Goddess Dressing (5 minute recipe!)

This ultra-creamy Avocado Green Goddess Dressing takes less than 10 minutes to make and it’s utterly delicious! This homemade salad dressing is vibr...
13-04-2022 19:24

White Cannellini Bean Salad (10 Minute Recipe!)

This quick and easy Cannellini Bean Salad is healthy, delicious and full of flavor! Chock-full of buttery beans, crisp fresh veggies, peppery arugula ...
10-04-2022 19:26

Tomatillo Salsa Verde (Easy Green Salsa!)

Learn how to easily make the best salsa verde at home! This quick tomatillo salsa recipe only requires 7 simple ingredients and it’s incredibly easy...
06-04-2022 19:27

Chinese Chicken Wings (Crockpot Wings Recipe!)

Fall off the bone tender – These Chinese Chicken Wings are bursting with bold, rich flavors and fool-proof to prepare! These easy chicken wings only...
03-04-2022 19:26

Chicken Mexican Casserole (Easy, Delicious + Healthy!)

Comforting, cheesy, healthy and delicious – This quick and easy Chicken Mexican Casserole is a fast and flavorful up way to enjoy your favorite Mexi...
31-03-2022 19:32

How to Make Garlic Butter (10 Flavor Variations + Uses!)

Soft, ultra-creamy and luxurious – with just 3 basic ingredients, 5 minutes and 1 SECRET tip for making perfect flavored butters, you can create an ...
27-03-2022 19:21

Mimosa – How to make a Champagne Cocktail!

Create delicious cocktail-bar-worthy mimosas at home with this simple drink guide! You can make a traditional mimosa or build YOUR best mimosa recipe ...
13-03-2022 19:25

Cinnamon Cookies Recipe

Learn how to make the best cinnamon sugar cookies with pantry staples and 15 minutes of prep! These cinnamon cookies are soft and chewy on the inside ...
09-03-2022 19:25

Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken (30 minute recipe!)

This Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken is so simple, yet so delicious – requiring just 7 ingredients and 30 minutes! Plus, this creamy chicken bake is fuss-f...
07-03-2022 19:27

Sweet Potato Soup (easy recipe!)

This Sweet Potato Soup recipe is insanely delicious, ultra-creamy, healthy and SO easy to prepare! You only need 8 simple ingredients, one pot and 15 ...
02-03-2022 19:49

Barbacoa Recipe – Mexican Shredded Beef

This Mexican Shredded beef is ULTRA-TENDER and bursting with bold, rich flavor! This Barbacoa recipe is so easy, totally fool-proof and requires just ...
26-02-2022 19:28

Cajun Chicken Recipe (one skillet meal!)

This Cajun Chicken recipe is a complete meal made in one pan with just 8 ingredients! Featuring tender chicken thighs nestled in fluffy Cajun red bean...
18-02-2022 19:27

Chicken Margherita Pasta (One Pot Recipe!)

This easy Chicken Margherita Pasta has all the same delicious Italian flavors as a classic pizza – just in cheesy pasta form! Featuring tender chick...
13-02-2022 19:19

Cake Bites (Easy Step-by-Step Guide!)

This Cake Bites recipe is so easy and fool-proof! Featuring “doctored” cake mix, a tub of frosting and candy melts, this fuss-free dessert recipe ...
06-02-2022 19:31

Easy Remoulade Sauce (5 Minute Recipe!)

This 7-ingredient Remoulade Sauce recipe is ultra-creamy, bursting with robust Cajun flavors and made in 5 minutes (or less!)! Featuring intense creol...
22-01-2022 19:24

Cajun Spice (Homemade Cajun Seasoning!)

Learn how to make the best homemade Cajun seasoning with common spices right from your pantry!! Use this mix and match template to create your own Caj...
14-01-2022 19:28

Chocolate Granola (Make Your Own Trail Mix!)

Create the best homemade Dark Chocolate Granola with this simple recipe – requiring just 8 ingredients and 10 minutes of preparation! Featuring huge...
07-01-2022 19:25

Kitchen Sink Cookies (Toffee Cookies with Pretzels)

Learn how to make the best Kitchen Sink Cookies! These cookies are thick, ultra-soft and slightly chewy with a meltingly tender center! And they’re ...
17-12-2021 19:25

Cinnamon Cookies Recipe (two ways!)

Learn how to make cinnamon sugar cookies two ways – either soft & chewy or crisp & chewy! Either way, these cookies are bursting with plenty of cinn...
07-12-2021 19:33

Sweet & Spicy Roasted Nuts (5 minute prep!)

These Savory & Spicy Roasted Nuts require just 7 ingredients and 5 minutes of preparation! They’re an irresistible combination of buttery, savory, s...
01-12-2021 19:48

Stuffing Muffins (from Holiday Leftovers!)

Transform your Holiday & Thanksgiving Leftovers into Stuffing Muffins with just 5 minutes of prep and a muffin pan! Featuring leftover turkey, ham or ...
25-11-2021 19:28

Cheesy Loaded Cauliflower Casserole (10 minute prep!)

Learn how to make the easiest Cheesy Loaded Cauliflower Casserole with 9 simple ingredients! This vintage recipe requires just 10 minutes of hands-on ...
19-11-2021 19:27

Creamed Corn Casserole (make ahead option!)

Learn how to easily make creamed corn casserole completely from scratch with real ingredients you probably have hanging around your pantry and refrige...
09-11-2021 19:32

Easy Chinese Beef Stir Fry (Honey Hoisin Beef)

This Chinese Beef Stir Fry recipe requires just 6 simple ingredients, plus a few pantry staples and it can be ready in 25 minutes or less! Featuring t...
03-11-2021 19:37

Healthy Cauliflower Soup (Easy & SO Creamy!)

This Healthy Roasted Cauliflower Soup uses a secret ingredient for an ultra-creamy, luxuriously rich texture – without all the heavy cream! It’s s...
26-10-2021 19:35

Udon Stir Fry (Easy Yaki Udon Noodles!)

This Udon Stir-Fry recipe is made in one pan and ready in 20 minutes or less! Featuring thick, silky udon noodles and pork (or your choice of protein)...
18-10-2021 19:34

Apple Cider Cocktail (Easy Spiked Cider!)

Slightly sweet, tart and deliciously smooth with a fruity apple-forward taste, this Apple Cider Cocktail is filled to the brim with cozy, warm fall fl...
13-10-2021 19:34

Pumpkin Fudge (easy microwave fudge!)

This easy, microwave Pumpkin Fudge recipe is made with pantry staples and only requires 15 minutes of preparation! This fool-proof fudge features crea...
02-10-2021 19:30

Pumpkin Mousse (10 minute no-bake dessert!)

This incredibly easy, no-bake Pumpkin Mousse recipe is made with 9 simple pantry ingredients and ready – from prep to finish – in 10 minutes or le...
21-09-2021 19:26

Cream Cheese Dip (cookie & fruit dip!)

This crowd-pleasing Cream Cheese Dip recipe is made with 7 simple pantry ingredients and ready in 15 minutes or less! It’s ultra-creamy, luscious, r...
13-09-2021 19:37

Cinnamon Apple Bread

This Quick Cinnamon Apple Bread recipe is easy to prepare and ultimately delicious with the perfect touch of sugar, spice and everything nice!! This m...
10-09-2021 19:33

How to make Peach Chutney (quick recipe!)

This Quick Peach Chutney recipe is made with 6 ingredients and ready in 30 minutes or less! It’s the perfect way to use up those juicy summer peache...
30-08-2021 19:33

Corn Succotash with Bacon (vegetarian option)

This Sweet Corn Succotash recipe is vibrant, bursting with fresh flavor and only requires 8 easy-to-find ingredients along with a few pantry staples! ...
23-08-2021 19:32

Creamy Lemon Chicken Pasta (One Pot!)

This Creamy Lemon Chicken Pasta is made in just ONE pot with 9 ingredients and ready – from prep to finish – in 30 minutes or less! This easy past...
17-08-2021 19:40

Ranch Dill Pickle Dip (Copycat Recipe!)

If you love the popular Fried Pickle and Ranch Dip, you are going to go absolutely crazy for this unbelievably delicious recipe!! This easy-to-make Ra...
13-08-2021 19:42

Chinese Chicken with Stir Fry Vegetables

This Chinese Chicken with Stir-Fry Vegetables recipe is an easy and addictive homemade alternative to take out! It’s bursting with robust flavors, s...
06-08-2021 19:32

Greek Lemon Rice (25 minute recipe!)

This easy Greek Lemon Rice recipe requires just a few simple ingredients and 25 minutes! Featuring rice infused with onions, garlic, plenty of fresh l...
03-08-2021 19:31

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