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Thermomix Varoma Porridge for One

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Thermomix Varoma Porridge for One Thermomix Varoma Porridge for One

Thermomix Varoma Porridge for One

Good morning everyone!
I often share with people that one of my favourite things about a Thermomix is that it has so many varied benefits for everyone. My Mum was the one that introduced me to the Thermomix and, although we both have vastly different needs (mum lives with Jessie the dog while I live with hubby, our four kids, a dog and a cat!), the Thermomix is perfect for both of us. Mum often uses her Thermomix in totally different ways to me which I find so exciting.
The other day mum shared with me the fact that she just makes her porridge in a bowl and steams it in the Varoma. You cook your porridge in the Varoma""! Poor Mum couldn’t see why I was excited and thought it wasn’t worth sharing with you all but I was sure many people would love it, I just needed more info – Mum is a creative cook yet I need step by step instructions. After much begging to Mum (I need more info that “you just add a bit of whatever you want”!!!!) I got this fabulous recipe from Mum. Mum was even kind to take step by step pictures for us. Thanks Mum you’re the best!!

Mum’s Varoma Porridge for One
Step 1

Boil the kettle and add one litre of the boiled water to the Thermomix bowl. Alternatively you can put 1 litre of water in the Thermomix for 7 minutes, Varoma temperature, Speed 2.
Step 2

In a serving bowl place ¾ cup organic rolled oats with some Chia seeds. Mix together before adding your milk of choice.
With your Varoma sitting on top of your Thermomix bowl and lid, place your serving bowl inside the Varoma dish. Cook your porridge for 7 – 10 minutes on Varoma setting, Speed 2. The cooking time will depend upon how hot/cooked you like your porridge. Cook for 15 minutes if you prefer a creamy porridge consistency.

Porridge cooked after 7 minutes

Porridge cooked after 10 minutes
Carefully remove your serving bowl from the Varoma and add your choice of accompaniments. Mum adds:


Pumpkin kernels

Hemp seeds

A banana

Several spoons of home made yoghurt
Mum also suggested to use all organic if possible….she says this tip will keep hunger at bay until much later in the day!!
This is the final result:-

Mum’s porridge with a special bowl containing homemade yoghurt for Jess the dog. Mum said she had to include the extra bowl as she doesn’t have breakfast by herself lol!!
How quick and easy was that – with no porridge in your Thermomix bowl to have to wash!!! Love it, thanks again Mum! Hope you all are excited about this as I was :)
PS: I did push Mum for more specific measurements but I think I was lucky I got the oats measured! She has assured me that no measurements are needed as these are individual portions and you make to your own taste. Any complaints please direct to my mum lol!!
Love you Mum, thanks again xx

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Thermomix Varoma Porridge for One Thermomix Varoma Porridge for One


Source of news: simonesthermomixessentials
Source of publication: 16-09-2014 16:50
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