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Nutella Crunch Brownies

cooking and recipes News
Add to Flipboard Magazine. Fuente: confessions of a chocoholic - View all news from this site
Nutella Crunch Brownies Nutella Crunch Brownies

Nutella Crunch Brownies

Imagine this: fudgy brownies, the kind that have a deep dark chocolate flavor and zero cakiness, plus a creamy layer of Nutella, more dark chocolate, and brown rice crispies. The rice crisps and Nutella add a sense of playfulness, but the overall flavor is sophisticated. This is a chocoholic’s brownie.

I’ve made this brownie multiple times but I’m only just blogging about it now because… well, I was busy with life. I have a new job. Matt and I are moving to a new place. And we’ve been spending a lot of time travelling, eating, and just hanging out with friends. But I’ve been making time to make brownies.
These brownies are so fudgy that they’ve been mistaken for actual fudge, which is never a bad thing, in my opinion. I used my tried and tested brownie base (I used cocoa powder instead of melted chocolate, plenty of butter, and a scant amount of flour). Then I mixed melted nutella, chocolate, and brown rice crispies – just like I did with these Peanut Butter Crunch Brownies and spread that on top of the fresh baked brownie as a generous topping. The flavors and textures are what makes up my brownie dreams.
I love a slice of this brownie with a cold glass of milk, hot tea, or red wine, depending on the night. I prefer eating this chilled. However I’ve given this away to different friends and they ate it at room temperature – there were zero complaints, only compliments and happy smiles.
So I’ll keep this sh...
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Nutella Crunch Brownies Nutella Crunch Brownies


Source of news: confessions of a chocoholic
Source of publication: 09-04-2018 18:55
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