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Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs (BLT-Style)

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Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs (BLT-Style) Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs (BLT-Style)

Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs (BLT-Style)

Forget the classic hot dog – these bacon-wrapped hot dogs are the ultimate! This recipe features the All-American hot dog, wraps it with bacon, loads it up with traditional BLT toppings (bacon, lettuce, tomato), and piles it all into a soft, toasty roll. These bacon dogs have the perfect juicy snap and the most delicious flavor! Can be cooked in the oven or grill. 
To give this summer bbq recipe a fun spin, top off your franks with some delicious Tex-Mex garnishes, such as sliced avocados and chopped red onions. Or make it meat lover’s with plenty of beef chili. Continue to read on for more fun topping ideas, plus tips for making the best hot dogs!

Update: This post was originally published in June 2015. I’ve updated the post below to include more information about how to wrap hot dogs with bacon. About bacon-wrapped hot dogs
These seriously delicious hot dogs deserve a starring role on your 4th of July table. The reason they stand out so much isn’t just the bacon (although, hello, bacon makes everything better!). It’s the high-quality ingredients I used.
Don’t skimp and use cheap ingredients, even if you are making something as simple as hot dogs. Spend the extra couple bucks and purchase the good dogs. It’ll make a huge difference flavor-wise.
I highly recommend:

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Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs (BLT-Style) Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs (BLT-Style)


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Source of publication: 04-07-2022 19:30
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