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Vegetarian Lentils Burger

Today we bring you a vegetarian recipe to eat lentils in a different way, especially in summer, because it\'s harder for us to eat them stewed in the ...
23-01-2020 19:19

Salmon in papillote in Crock Pot

Today we bring you a very simple way to prepare fish, in this case salmon, in the Crock Pot. We have decided to prepare it in papillote because it is ...
16-01-2020 19:21

Persimmon and biscuit custard

Today we bring the recipe for a dessert with a texture very similar to traditional custard, although its ingredients are different, we loved it!Ingred...
13-01-2020 19:23

Roasted Lamb in Crock Pot

Today\'s recipe is one of the most typical to prepare for Christmas or special occasions. The truth is that it is a pleasure to eat it from time to ti...
02-01-2020 19:32

Pulled Pork in Crock Pot

Some time ago we shared with you the recipe to prepare pulled pork in a traditional pot, since it is one of our favorite fillings for snacks, and this...
12-12-2019 19:23

Chicken with couscous and pesto

Today we bring you a delicious recipe to eat this sauce in an original way, normally, we usually eat with pasta, but pesto is rich with almost any f...
03-12-2019 19:25

Roasted Potato Chips in Crock Pot

These potatoes are the perfect accompaniment to any dish: meat, fish, chicken, a hamburger ... they are delicious! And, as always with our Crock Pot, ...
28-11-2019 19:34

Orecchiettes with red pesto

You know that we love pasta, and much more if it is fresh pasta, as is the case today with these orecchiettes. We have prepared them with pesto rosso,...
25-11-2019 19:31

Fresh Cheese Pancakes

Last weekend we woke up wanting to have pancakes for breakfast, so we set to work to prepare these with fresh cheese, which we saw in Isasaweis\' bl...
18-11-2019 19:33

Welsh Rarebit in Crock Pot

This recipe is a typical snack of the United Kingdom for several centuries, there are many varieties, but we bring you the traditional one so that you...
14-11-2019 19:34

Bread made in the pan

There are days when you don\'t want to go out home, even to buy bread, and for those occasions we bring you the recipe today, so you can easily prepar...
31-10-2019 19:32

Zombie bones

This year we had not made yet a new recipe for Halloween, although last week we shared with you the best we had prepared for other years, which are eq...
28-10-2019 19:32

Roast Chicken in Crock Pot

Today we are going to prepare a delicious roast chicken in our slow cooker "Crock Pot", which you know that we have it recently and we do not stop coo...
14-10-2019 19:28

Fricandó in Crock Pot

Today we bring you this delicious Catalan recipe of stewed meat prepared in our Crock Pot. It is very easy to prepare, since it does not require any p...
30-09-2019 19:26

Chicken meatballs with zucchini sauce

Today we bring you the recipe for a different meatballs, with a sauce that has very few calories and is very good. It is a perfect dish to take in tup...
26-09-2019 19:20

Rice pudding in Crock Pot

Today we bring you the recipe of one of the most traditional desserts of our country, typical especially in Asturias, and that we love. Some time ago ...
23-09-2019 19:31

Microwave Zucchini Chips

This appetizer is more original than the classic fries but we assure you that they are just as addictive, as soon as you eat one, it is impossible to ...
19-09-2019 19:24

Lentils stewed in Crock Pot

Today we bring you the recipe of the traditional lentils stew but in our slow crock pot, because it is where the stews are best, and on top of that it...
16-09-2019 19:26

Avocado salad

Today\'s recipe is prepared to take advantage of an avocado that we had at home and that we had to use already, so, with a couple of other ingredients...
12-09-2019 19:29

Stewed mushrooms in Crock Pot

Today we present the first recipe we have prepared with our new Crock Pot, a slow cooker that was given to me a few days ago and that I am in love wit...
09-09-2019 19:26

Chicken quesadilla

Today we bring you a super easy idea to prepare a very delicious dinner in just 10 minutes, and you can modify the accompaniment of the chicken to inc...
05-09-2019 19:26

Bimi sautéed with soy sauce

The bimi is a vegetable that we discovered a few months ago and it has become essential in our house. It has a lot of properties and nutrients (calciu...
12-08-2019 19:28

Steamed salmon skewer with mango

Today we wanted to prepare a very original recipe with salmon, cooking it on this skewer along with mango, so the sweet-salty contrast of both ingredi...
05-08-2019 19:31

Potato chips in the microwave

Today we bring you the recipe for the classic potatoe chips, like those from the bag, but healthier, because we make them at home and have less oil (a...
29-07-2019 19:25

Horchata cake

Today we want to give you some idea to drink the star drink of the summer: the horchata, and if you love it, you can not miss this horchata cake, it s...
25-07-2019 19:29

Chards with paprika

Today\'s recipe is perfect to get anyone at home eat chards, a vegetable with many properties but with bad reputation, like spinach, and that is how i...
22-07-2019 19:26

Sausages with white wine

Today we bring you a very simple recipe that many of you prepare at home, and that is a traditional dish that enhances the flavor of fresh sausages th...
15-07-2019 19:23

Spaghetti with tuna

Today we bring you a super fast recipe to prepare that can get you out of more than one hurry, it\'s ready in 10 minutes, and it\'s great!Ingredients ...
11-07-2019 19:23

Lemon dessert with cookies

Today\'s recipe will teach you how to prepare a delicious dessert of lemon and cookies, without an oven or microwave, you only need 5 minutes to prepa...
08-07-2019 19:24

Chickpeas with ratatouille

Today we bring you a very cool recipe for summer, perfect for eating anywhere. We had some chickpeas over the weekend, and along with the vegetables t...
04-07-2019 19:20

Pork chop with pepper sauce

Pepper sauce is one of our favorites and many times we usually order it in restaurants, but until now we had not prepared it at home, and the result i...
01-07-2019 19:23

Roast pork knuckle with beer

Today we travel to Germany with all of you to invite you to eat this typical delish: roasted pork knuckle. We love the knuckle, whether cooked or roas...
24-06-2019 19:21

Rice with sausages and artichokes

Today we bring you an original recipe for use that we have prepared with some sausages that we had left over the weekend, so we got down to work and w...
20-06-2019 19:21

Grilled salmon with hollandaise sauce

Today we bring you a delicious option for dinner something different, since we at least usually dine fish very often, and today\'s hollandaise sauce m...
17-06-2019 19:28

Pulled Pork

Today we bring you a delicious recipe of American origin to put as a filling in sandwiches, the meat is so tender and soft that it is impossible to re...
13-06-2019 19:25

Wrinkled papas with mojo

This recipe is the most typical appetizer of the Canary Islands, we love it! The green mojo is also used mostly with fish, and the red with meats, whi...
10-06-2019 19:27

Pastrami sandwich

Today we travel with all of you to New York to try this typical Pastrami sandwich that you can try in so many restaurants in the city. In our country ...
06-06-2019 19:25

Zucchini bites with goat cheese

Today we bring you a delicious appetizer that is ready in 10 minutes, you can prepare it right away if you have guests by surprise!Ingredients:- 1 zuc...
30-05-2019 19:29

Zucchini, cheese and potato omelette

Today we wanted to version the classic potato omelette to make it a little more original with the zucchini and the cream of melted goat cheese and we ...
28-05-2019 19:29

Fajitas with salmon, asparagus and pesto

Today we bring you a very simple recipe of fajitas of salmon, green asparagus and pesto that we often prepare for dinner. Sometimes we change the pest...
23-05-2019 19:28

Mango tartare with lime and vanilla

We love tropical fruits and, specifically, mango is one of our favorites because it is so sweet. Today we present this easy dessert that is full of fl...
21-05-2019 19:27

Spaghetti in cheese of Casar

Today we bring you a delicious recipe that stands out for its original presentation, and is that it is placed inside the cheese itself, so it takes ad...
20-05-2019 19:25

Taboulé with smoked salmon

Today we bring you this original salad of Moroccan origin but personalized with smoked salmon, the truth is that the mixture is very good and is perfe...
16-05-2019 19:26

Homemade guacamole

Today we bring you a classic of Mexican cuisine that never lacking in our table to dip with totopos (corn triangles), and is that besides being very r...
14-05-2019 19:23

Puff pastry handkerchiefs with asparagus and cheese

We\'ve seen this snack a long time ago and we always thought it was a great idea, but we hadn\'t prepared it yet. We have changed a couple of ingredie...
10-05-2019 19:20

Meatballs in cheese sauce

We love traditional dishes and, specifically, web love meatballs, that\'s why we wanted to give them an original touch with this cheese and onion sauc...
09-05-2019 19:27

Cured pork tenderloin

Today we bring you this original recipe of handmade cured pork tenderloin in the fridge. It\'s very simple to make and it\'s great, it\'s worth doin...
06-05-2019 19:20

Chicken in sauce with onion and carrots

Today we bring you a very simple recipe to make and that is like what our mothers and grandmothers prepare for us, it is full of flavor!Ingredients fo...
30-04-2019 19:22

Homemade Sauerkraut

Today we bring you the recipe of the sauerkraut so that you can do it at home, since it is a healthy food for our intestine because it is a natural pr...
25-04-2019 19:23

Vegetarian burgers of beet, cheese and rice

As you know, we are very fans of burgers, and more and more often, we like to try vegetarian or vegan versions, which have a lot of flavor and are ver...
17-04-2019 19:26

Puff pastry sticks with cheese

This appetizer is very easy to prepare and you can eat it alone or with a dip that you prepare... but beware, they are addictive! ;-)Ingredients for 2...
16-04-2019 19:30

Chickpeas sauteed with eggplant

Today\'s recipe is an original way to eat chickpeas, not only in stews, although we love them, but sometimes you also want to change a little. This re...
11-04-2019 19:24

Grilled salmon with leek curry

Today we bring you a very healthy recipe to take care of us that we usually have for dinner quite often because, besides being healthy, it is verytast...
09-04-2019 19:24

Chickpeas sauteed with vegetables and coffee sauce

Today we bring you another original salty recipe with coffee, that you already know that we love to try new combinations and, in this case, it\'s a su...
04-04-2019 19:24

Tomato salad with coffee vinaigrette

With the good weather we want lighter recipes, that\'s why we love to eat salads, and more if it is with our secret coffee touch, it will surprise you...
02-04-2019 19:24

Banana and coffee smoothie

Today we bring you a fun recipe that you will love to take as a snack, for example. And the best thing is that it takes only two minutes to prepare!In...
28-03-2019 19:23

Coffee cupcakes

Today we bring you a recipe that will delight the sweet tooth of the house, and we show you a trick to make the recipe express if you need to prepare ...
27-03-2019 19:24

Puff pastry with chicken, cheese and nuts

Today\'s recipe is very simple and perfect to leave prepared and cooked in the oven while doing other things, in 15 minutes it is done!Ingredients for...
21-03-2019 19:24

Fusilli with pumpkin, leek and cheese sauce

Today we bring you a pasta recipe with an original homemade sauce based on vegetables and cheese that is very juicy and also helps us take care of our...
19-03-2019 19:22

Chicken and eggplant burger

Today we present the recipe for this original chicken burger that we prepared by chance recently at home to take half eggplant we had from another rec...
14-03-2019 19:21

Salad with white beans and tuna

We love legumes, and although we usually prepare them in the form of stew, sometimes, especially in summer, they want a lighter and fresher form, whic...
12-03-2019 19:20

Cold coffee dessert

With the good weather it\'s doing, we want refreshing desserts like this one, and more if it is coffee flavored, we would drink it at all times!Ingred...
07-03-2019 19:20

Coffee crepes

Today we wanted to cover the classic crepes to give them an original touch of coffee. It is a dessert that we often prepare and that we love, so from ...
05-03-2019 19:19

Red risotto with asparagus and cheese

Today we present this delicious red risotto with asparagus and cheese ideal to celebrate Valentine\'s Day, you can give the heart shape with a mold to...
14-02-2019 19:24

Puff pastry roses with ham and cheese

Today\'s recipe is very colorful, ideal for Valentine\'s Day, which is this week, to surprise your couple with this simple recipe to prepare.Ingredien...
12-02-2019 19:25

Rabbit with lemon and thyme

We love to try new recipes with rabbit, since it is a meat that we often take at home because it\'s a meat with very little fat and have a more than a...
07-02-2019 19:20

Vegetable sandwich with avocado

After Christmas you have to compensate the excesses of eating, but you don\'t have to stop eating rich. For this reason, today we share with you the r...
04-02-2019 19:24

Salmon marinated with honey and soy

Today we bring you a very simple recipe that we discovered recently, because we love to incorporate a sweet ingredient, as honey in this case, to salt...
31-01-2019 19:23

Tartlets of salmon and avocado

Today we bring you the recipe of an appetizer that we have prepared this Christmas and the truth is that it has triumphed, the best thing is the littl...
29-01-2019 19:23

Fried milk with coffee

Today we propose you a traditional recipe, such as fried milk, which personally reminds me of my childhood, since my grandmother used to prepare it an...
24-01-2019 19:19

Carrot and coffee mug cake

Today we bring you a delicious version of the carrot cake, which is our favorite, in the form of mug cake and with a touch of coffee, it\'s delicious!...
17-01-2019 19:25

Persimmon with manchego cheese and walnuts

Today we bring you an original recipe for a dessert that will take very little time to prepare and that is very eye-catching. I\'m sure you all love i...
03-01-2019 19:23

Pickled chicken salad

Today we present a very original salad with different flavors, as the pickled chicken gives a touch of vinegar that you will love.Ingredients for 2 se...
27-12-2018 19:26

Salad with rice and green beans

Today we bring you a very original salad that we prepared as a recipe for use, since we had a few green beans and we wanted to use them.Ingredients fo...
20-12-2018 19:25

Salmon burgers with dill

Today we bring you a recipe that we have learned thanks to the cooking school Apetit\'oh!, we have modified it a little bit and the result is perfect,...
18-12-2018 19:23

Khaki yogurt with coffee syrup

Today\'s dessert is very light and it\'s prepared in just 3 minutes, it\'s like the yogurts that some brands sell packed with flavors, usually peach, ...
13-12-2018 19:24

Iced coffee with condensed milk

Today\'s recipe is very easy to prepare, and despite the cold it makes on the street, we still fancy an ice cream or iced drink from time to time, whi...
05-12-2018 19:28

Khaki jelly with mascarpone and coffee syrup

The persimmon is a tropical fruit that is now seasonal and we like it very much for its flavor and texture. We eat it very often as it is, but this ye...
03-12-2018 19:24

Coffee Syrup

Today we bring you an original recipe with coffee that is super versatile, since you can add it to almost any dessert you prepare and give them an ori...
29-11-2018 19:21

Clams with garlic

This recipe is prepared in just 5 minutes and is perfect as an entree when you have guests or for a special celebration. Ingredients:- 7 oz of claims...
27-11-2018 19:27

Mussels with tomato and seafood sauce

We love to take the aperitif with family or friends, and the mussels are always a star dish that can never be missed. This time we have prepared them ...
23-11-2018 19:26

Rice With Rabbit

Rice is a food that we love for its versatility, it is very grateful and you can combine it with any ingredient, which will always be delicious. We us...
22-11-2018 19:25

Lentils stewed in curry

Today we bring you a more modern and original version of the classic stewed lentils, that although we love them, from time to time we want to eat them...
21-11-2018 19:26

Light salad

This salad is a lighter version of the classic Russian salad, with fewer calories but just as rich, prepare it and tell us what do you think.Ingredien...
20-11-2018 19:26

Pork chop with onion sauce

Today we bring you a very simple recipe that you can take perfectly in tupper to work, because with the onion sauce, the meat is very juicy.Ingredient...
19-11-2018 19:23

English cucumber sandwich

Today\'s recipe will sound great if you have traveled to the United Kingdom, as it is very typical to enjoy it at tea time, although we also love it a...
13-11-2018 19:26

Coffee cream with chantilly

Today we bring you a dessert that you can prepare for special occasions, since it has a very light flavor and can be prepared in advance, so it is per...
12-11-2018 19:20

Vegetable toast

Today we bring you a very healthy and quick vegetable preparation, you can take it as a light dinner, as breakfast or snack, it is perfect at any time...
08-11-2018 19:25

Cheese tartlets with walnuts, mushrooms and walnuts

Today we bring you another delicious appetizer perfect to prepare when you have guests, or even at Christmas! They are just around the corner and it i...
06-11-2018 19:23

Easy coffee cupcake without oven

Today we bring you the recipe of some very easy to prepare muffins, without oven or microwave, we have versioned them a bit but they are equally rich....
05-11-2018 19:22

Brain cake for Halloween

Today we bring you another terrifying recipe for you to succeed tomorrow at your Halloween parties. It is a little laborious but very easy to make, an...
30-10-2018 19:27

Banana and walnuts mug cake

Today we bring you a super rich and easy-to-make recipe that we prepare many times for breakfast when we want a cake but we do not want to complicate ...
29-10-2018 19:26

Black pudding pate with brie cheese

Pates have always delighted us because they are a perfect appetizer to accompany with a bit of bread or toast and, often, we prepare them homemade, wh...
25-10-2018 19:25

Tartlets with cod roe

The cod roes are very typical of Andalusia and it is a delicatessen that we discovered a short time ago but that has already become one of our favorit...
24-10-2018 19:21

Stewed meat

Today we bring you a traditional recipe for this veal stew, which is usually eaten in every house, even though each one is made in a different way. Th...
22-10-2018 19:23

Vol-au-vents stuffed with goat cheese, walnuts and carameliz

The appetizer time is one of our favorites throughout the day, and as we are in the office during the week and can not enjoy it, we never miss it in t...
18-10-2018 19:23

Cucumber cannelloni with cheese, turkey and walnuts

This recipe is perfect for a light dinner or as an appetizer when you have guests, and it can not be easier and quicker to prepare!Ingredients for 6 r...
17-10-2018 19:24

Rice with chickpeas and white sausage

We have been inspired to make today\'s recipe in a rice that we tried a few months ago in a rice restaurant in Madrid and that we loved. We found it v...
15-10-2018 19:21

Pipirrana salad

Today we bring you the recipe of a dish that you are sure you know: the pipirrana. It is typical of Andalusia, especially Jaen, and it is a light vege...
11-10-2018 19:22

Rice salad with corn and tuna

This salad is very fresh for summer and at the same time very rich and nutritious, it is also perfect for those days when you do not have much time to...
08-10-2018 19:26

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