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Giddily Awaiting My Sushi Bullet Train at Genki Sushi

Sushi and toys always excite me. Put them together in a restaurant concept?and count me in! So when I received some Genki Sushi gift certificates for ...
20-09-2017 18:55

Durian All Year Round at Or Tor Kor Market (2nd of 3 parts)

Durian Days, When Excess Is Not Enough: Part 1 The plan is to eat durian multiple times a day for each day that I?m in Bangkok, and I discover that O...
19-09-2017 18:54

Durian Days: When Excess Is Not Enough (1st in a short serie

It all began with a pallid and tasteless pack of durian, a grossly off-season purchase made last June. The durian dud that it was thus ignited an insa...
14-09-2017 18:54

Is Caf Lidia The Secret Cake Supplier To Manila’s Co

Rumor has it that Caf Lidia?s cakes are the same cakes that a popular coffee chain serves. It?s either they supply the coffee chain or they source th...
11-09-2017 18:55

Back for Seconds

I’m a fiercely private person so you can understand why I’d be hesitant to publish this piece. But Ed knows me well and his questions were thought...
07-09-2017 18:54

A Slice Of Key Lime Heaven

Here at DCF, we live (and love!) to travel for food. This piece is about one of the desserts that enthralled one of our contributors during her recent...
04-09-2017 18:54

China, By Way Of Yokohama

Chukagai Gate, the main gateway in to Yokohama?s Chinatown. It?s always exciting when two different cuisines come together. We?ve seen this in our ow...
24-08-2017 18:55

Beyond Barako: Cafs Serving Up Pinoy Specialty Coffee

With the rise of third wave specialty coffee shops here in Manila, it?s not unlikely to encounter beans flown in from all over the world like Ethiopia...
22-08-2017 18:55

The Age Of Entitlement: Bloggers vs. Blaggers

This article came to life when a long-time DCF reader asked me recently what I thought about the so-called “Tupperware bloggers” so prevalent now ...
16-08-2017 19:02

Deliriously Delicious!

This website was built on featuring home bakers, and I’ve featured hundreds. It gives me great pleasure then to have DCF’s contributors share thei...
15-08-2017 18:54

Corn Chip ? Crusted Monte Cristo

Related Post: Convenience Store Cookery ...
14-08-2017 18:54

?Omu-sit” – Omelet + Pansit (convenience foods h

Related post: Convenience Store Cookery ...
14-08-2017 18:54

Pansit Chami + Pandesal | Eduvigis Restaurant + Apple B

  This post was supposed to go up last Friday, August 11, but DCF was having technical issues. Better late than never so here I go with the last vid...
14-08-2017 18:54

Convenience Store Cookery (last of 2 parts)

This is the first of our collaborations among the DCF contributors. It’s gotten off to a great start with these convenience store mash-ups. You can ...
14-08-2017 18:54

Huevos Rancheros Shakshuka Style (convenience store hack)

Accompanying post to this recipe is here. 1. Heat chili con carne in a skillet pan 2. Simmer eggs in the middle of the chili until cooked 3. Flatten t...
09-08-2017 18:54

Convenience Store Cookery (1st of 2 parts)

The DCF team is a boiling pot of talent and verve. I’m proud to present our first DCF collab featuring two of our contributors, Anson and Ed! This i...
09-08-2017 18:54

Better Than Ice Cream: Carte D’Or Gelato | (video

  I’m so happy that the rains have stopped in time for me to post this video, although nothing can stop me from eating a cold treat. This time, it...
04-08-2017 18:54

Recharge. Refresh. Reboot.

Cover photo credit For the past three months, I?ve been going full throttle working harder than I?ve ever worked since recovering from cancer. I was ...
03-08-2017 18:54

Grace Lee?s Kko Kko is Dosirakin?

Serena’s article comes at just the right time: I seem to have a most ferocious craving for Korean food that can’t seem to be tamed. Kko Kko promis...
31-07-2017 18:56

A Tale of Two Thai Places

There aren’t too many good Thai restaurants in Manila and Marikina is lucky to have two of them. DCF contributor, Lee, tells the story of Krung Thai...
28-07-2017 18:54
28-07-2017 18:54

I?m 43 and In Menopause. Really"

Image credit here. Note: This piece will make more sense if you’ve already read these two articles: Hoping Big And Still Holding On To My Dessert P...
26-07-2017 18:53

Mango Float with White Chocolate Whipped Cream | NO BAK

Mango Float, or Mango Icebox Cake, is right up there with fruit salad as one of the beloved Filipino desserts. So it’s crazy that I’d never had t...
21-07-2017 18:54

Bingeing on Bulletproof Coffee (video)

Ok, so I fell in love with the bulletproof coffee at Butter & Coffee, as you can see here. When I got back to Manila, I started looking at where else ...
19-07-2017 18:55

Tyler?s Caf: Where Time Stands Still

Being a morning person, I am always looking for a new place to have my favorite meal of the day, breakfast. I’m taken by how DCF contributor, Faith,...
17-07-2017 18:54

Butter & Coffee Cafe in Lucena | Best Bulletproof

  I’ll admit that I’ve had bad experiences with bulletproof coffee, and driving three hours to taste yet another one made me uneasy. But this ca...
14-07-2017 18:54

Coffee Crawlin? In Tokyo

Like Kirt, I also have my own coffee list when I travel. I’ve been to some places on this list – Kirt’s recos are spot on as always – and as f...
13-07-2017 18:54

Coming Home To Baker? Cafe

I featured Baker? a few years ago when it was still a home-based business. I’m beyond excited that RJ Galang and his mom now have their own place to...
10-07-2017 18:54
07-07-2017 18:55

Memz: For the Love of Chicharon

When Nicky Lozano first tasted Memz Chicharon, it was instantly love at first bite. The year was 2011, and his dad would go on numerous business trips...
05-07-2017 18:54

How I Work (a peek behind the scenes)

?Process is messy.? ? Austin Kleon, illustrator and writer I agree with the above quote and this one by Edgar Allan Poe who said it in 1846, ?Most wri...
03-07-2017 18:54

Unboxing: Whoopie Pies from My Cookie Lab (video)

No, my expression here doesn’t reflect how I feel about these whoopie pies This video is somewhat sentimental for me because I featured Stanley Tan...
30-06-2017 18:54

About That Spanish Bread At Sonya?s Garden

This article isn’t just about Spanish bread but also about Cheese Hopia, Pan de Coco, and all the other divinely doughy delights proffered at the no...
29-06-2017 18:54

Halo Halo: In the Mix

This is one of those articles that – like a good halo-halo – is thoughtfully composed bit by bit. Starting from its fascinating origins, Anson det...
27-06-2017 18:54

Buttery & Co. – The Cheese Tarts That Attacked Me

There’s something about the name Buttery & Co. that’s so appealing to me. Although their box declares otherwise, their stall at the mall seems to...
23-06-2017 18:54

Bewitched By Engkanto Brewery?s Beer

I am not a beer drinker, have never met a beer I liked. But Monica’s piece has me convinced that there’s hope for me yet. I bet her compellingly w...
21-06-2017 18:54

Judge Me: Hyatt?s Good Taste Series Cooking Competition

It?s been years since I judged a cooking competition. I?ve had unpleasant experiences tasting mad scientist concoctions dreamed up by misguided culina...
18-06-2017 18:55

Easiest & Best Iced Coffee (video)

Here’s my recipe for cold brew coffee, but for those of you who don’t want to deal with the hassle, this is the next best solution. You’ll sti...
16-06-2017 18:56

Over The Lune For Croissants

A good croissant makes a proper mess of mouth and mind, a thing of beauty indeed. In her debut piece for Dessert Comes First, contributor Lee Ibarra w...
13-06-2017 18:54

Oishi Sponge Crunch Chocolate Cookie Milkshake (video)

  In case you’re wondering, this is not a sponsored video, I just really like Oishi Sponge Crunch Chocolate Cookies. One of my favorite snacks, I ...
09-06-2017 18:54

Will Chrissy Teigen?s New Cookbook Give You Cravings"

Ardent home cook/baker and writer, Serena, recounts her conversion from skeptic to believer in this deliciously sarcastic piece. – Lori I?ll probab...
07-06-2017 18:54

Caffeine On Ice: An Ode To The Iced Latte

They say that summer is officially over but in a tropical country like ours, it’s always iced coffee season. DCF coffee guru Kirt gives us yet more ...
05-06-2017 18:56

Shakshuka + Hummus Bowls (video)

  You’ve had hummus, you might have already had shakshuka – stewed tomatoes topped with an egg. Put them together and what you get is a spiced u...
02-06-2017 18:56

The Fine Art of Fika

Fika is a Swedish custom where people commune over coffee and cake. It?s taken over the world and reading this piece from Sweden-based Therese, Filipi...
31-05-2017 18:56

My Goose Is Cooked!

Before you tuck into this piece, ensure that you have a full stomach. Spanky Enriquez describes the lush lubrication and savory intensity of roast goo...
29-05-2017 18:57

Unboxing Dessert: Rainbow Crepe Cake (video)

I’m so excited to bring you my debut video: unboxing dessert! Video is another way for me to share my food stories with you along with my words an...
26-05-2017 18:56

Dessert Comes First On Video!

Telling my food and dessert stories through words, photos, and now, video again. Just a little taste of what’s to come. Click here to see my previo...
24-05-2017 19:04

Meet The #DCFCreativeTeam

L-R back row: Edward Bugia (Dude Food columnist); Kirt Uy de Baron (coffee guru); Aldwin Aspillera (photo instructor for the day); Anson Yu (features...
22-05-2017 18:59

Take Your Best Food Photos, Here?s How

Writer and professional photographer Monica Savellano gets industry experts to spill their go-to tips and tricks on photographing food, and we?re not ...
17-05-2017 18:57

Dimpy Camara’s Frozen Brazo: A Decade Strong and Still

Just because it’s hot doesn’t mean we forego dessert. But the weather demands something cooling, which is what Dimpy’s Frozen Brazo offers up al...
15-05-2017 18:57

Halo-Halo In The City of Good Luck

Sometimes an unexpected detour leads to some memorable food finds, as Faith proves in this short summer piece. – Lori Planned trips are great, but...
11-05-2017 18:59

For Mom: A Basque-style Burnt Cheesecake

In the pintxos paradise that is San Sebastian, Spain, La Via is probably the only tapas bar that?s more famous for its dessert. To be clear, there ar...
09-05-2017 18:57

A Feast of Ice and Fire: Reviewing the Game of Thrones Cookb

We love books here at DCF, and food-themed novels are some of the best. Game of Thrones is one such example, boasting ardent fans of the medieval fant...
08-05-2017 18:57

Picture-Perfect Dining At Megutama

Traveling for food is something we do a lot here at DCF, as evidenced by the entire category we have on Food Travels. If you adore the trinity of book...
05-05-2017 18:57

Chronicles Of A Coffee Lover: Northern Edition

Kirt is truly DCF’s resident coffee guru. Last weekend, I found myself in White Plains and went to the two coffee shops in the area that she had fea...
03-05-2017 18:56

DCF at 12: I?M BACK

Photo credit here It?s unbelievable to me that another six years have passed since that blowout bash I had to celebrate DCF?s 6th anniversary way bac...
02-05-2017 18:57

Desserts I’m Loving So Far + My Bin’s Favorite C

If there?s one thing I hate, it?s mess. And clutter. So, while weeding out photos that had accumulated in my phone, I came across some restaurants tha...
25-04-2017 18:55

210 Kitchen+Drinkery: Chef And The City

Of all the restaurants that I’ve been to this year, it is 210 Kitchen+Drinkery that’s most unforgettable to me. Every dish sent out by Chef Willi...
24-04-2017 18:55

Won?t-Even-Take-You-30-Minutes-To-Make Korean Ramyeon

  The one pot meal is ideal when you live alone and/or couldn’t be bothered to cook. Ramyeon, a Korean instant noodle dish, is one of my favorites ...
21-04-2017 18:55

The Desserts of Summer: S?mores Cupcakes & Lemon Olive

The desserts of food stylist and home baker, Tina Diaz, are very distinctive because of two things. First, her sweets are a showcase of local ingredie...
19-04-2017 18:55

Swedish Food: The Land of Lagom and Fika

Sweden is a country far away from the Philippines but we Filipinos are more than familiar with IKEA, H&M, and hey, isn’t the 90s band, Roxette and m...
17-04-2017 18:54

A Dialogue with Dessert

Last night, a quartet of chefs held what they called a Dessert Dialogue. Partners and local chef-legends Miko Aspiras and Kristine Lotilla invited fel...
05-04-2017 18:55

Hanako at Maginhawa: The Small Japanese Restaurant That Coul

Just in time for Holy Week is this gem of a Japanese restaurant along one of Manila’s most distinctive eating streets. – Lori It’s an underlying...
04-04-2017 18:54

Co-Desserting At Co-Working Spaces

There?s nothing better than a co-working space that?s comfortable and has lightning-fast wifi. Unless of course, it?s a co-working space that also ser...
30-03-2017 18:54

A View, A Drink, & A Dessert: 3 ?Porch-Feel? Cafs

In a city seemingly encompassed with concrete, DCF writer, Faith, seeks out a group of small, special places providing some much needed green and swee...
27-03-2017 18:55

The 5 Essential Tools For Guys in the Kitchen

At a dinner party once, a guy came up to me and said, ?I wish there was a food blog that catered to the single guy who lives alone and has limited coo...
22-03-2017 18:54

How I Became A (Part-Time) Vegetarian

So the good news is that you can cut down your meat intake and be happy about it. Here’s an interesting look at one girl’s view on being a vegetar...
20-03-2017 18:54

Once Upon A Sans Rival: A 50-Year Old Family Tradition Lives

Home bakers are a cornerstone of the content generated on this site, and I’ve featured over a hundred home bakers in the 12 years since I began Dess...
17-03-2017 18:56

6 Coffee Shops To Visit Now

Kirt Uy de Baron knows her coffee. I am quite the coffee aficionado myself but I tire of going to the same places. When that happens, I ask for Kirt?s...
15-03-2017 18:54

Get a Grip: Hanging out at Handlebar Manila

This article is a ?first? for several reasons: First, (ahem) it?s written by Richie Ramos, a former colleague of mine who I used to work with at onlin...
13-03-2017 18:55

Review: The KitchenAid Artisan Mini

My trusty KitchenAid mixer is 40+ years old (on right side in photo below), a hand me down from my mom. Shipped from the United States, it hews to tha...
01-03-2017 18:56

The Faltering 40’s (A commentary on aging)

Note: This piece is part of our Long-form series, longer articles dedicated to more in-depth exploration of various topics. When I was a kid, I thoug...
21-02-2017 18:55

WANTED: Food Writers

I?m looking to form a team of writers for Dessert Comes First. Yes, that?s right ? this blog is getting bigger and I?d like you to be a part of it. I...
09-02-2017 18:54

Barcelona, Spain: My Favorite Restaurants (5th & last i

Previously: Part 1: Following The Pintxos Trail Part 2: San Sebastian Foodie Favorites & A Great, Big Steak Part 3: Barcelona, Spain: ?Angry? Eggs, G...
30-01-2017 18:55

Barcelona, Spain: La Boqueria & El Born ? A Photo Essay

Previously: Part 1: Following The Pintxos Trail Part 2: San Sebastian Foodie Favorites & A Great, Big Steak Part 3: Barcelona, Spain: ?Angry? Eggs, G...
25-01-2017 18:56

Barcelona, Spain: ?Angry? Eggs, Gung Ho for Gaudi, & Se

Previously: Part 1: Following The Pintxos Trail Part 2: San Sebastian Foodie Favorites & A Great, Big Steak My Bin?s and my first meal in Barcelona i...
24-01-2017 18:55

San Sebastian: Foodie Favorites & A Great, Big Steak (2

Previously: Part 1: Following The Pintxos Trail *plus see more tapas recommendations at the end of this post Donostia ? San Sebastian really grows on ...
19-01-2017 18:56

San Sebastian, Spain: Following the Pintxos Trail (1st in a

Our first view of San Sebastian is darkness. Having arrived after a 5-hour train ride from Barcelona, the only thing on our minds is dinner. Across t...
16-01-2017 18:56

Frankfurt Favorites (last in a series)

In this series: Part 1: A Fairytale Christmas Part 2: A Winter Day In The City Part 3: Heidelberg, Germany ? Beyond Magical Everything about Frankfurt...
09-01-2017 18:56

Heidelberg, Germany: Beyond Magical (3rd in a series)

In this series: Part 1: A Fairytale Christmas Part 2 : A Winter Day in the City Part 3: Heidelberg, Germany: Beyond Magical Today, my Bin and I are t...
05-01-2017 18:55

Frankfurt, Germany: A Winter Day In The City (2nd in a holid

Previously in this series: Part 1: A Fairytale Christmas No matter where I am in Frankfurt, it feels like the Dom, the city?s Cathedral, looms over m...
13-12-2016 18:55

Frankfurt, Germany: A Fairytale Christmas (1st in a holiday

Being in Germany at this time of year is like living a holiday fairytale. The biting cold, the pungency of cinnamon and spice wafting in the air, roa...
08-12-2016 18:56

Warung: A Meal Made For Nostalgia

I don?t have many restaurant experiences these days that are worth blogging about but we enjoy Warung so much that I have to tell you about it....
18-10-2016 19:00

Seoul, Korea: Back to make new memories (1st of 3 parts)

A fiery furnace of a stew, an incredible dessert made out of a hollowed-out melon, and the best doughnut in the world....
30-08-2016 18:54

Hokkaido: An Unforgettable Summer (3rd and last in a series)

A visit to a chocolate factory, "heart-stopping" views, and the mind-numbing deliciousness of soup curry....
18-08-2016 18:54

Hokkaido: An Unforgettable Summer (2nd in a series)

"God-like" views, seafood bowls, and why soft-serve ice cream in Hokkaido is unlike any other....
10-08-2016 18:56

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Besanwali bhindi

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Fig & Balsamic Glazed Chicken Thighs {wi...

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