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Cookie Dough Fat Bombs

cooking and recipes News
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Cookie Dough Fat Bombs Cookie Dough Fat Bombs

Cookie Dough Fat Bombs

Soft, doughy, chocolatey, unbaked cookie dough fat bombs.

Cookie dough fat bombs are probably either the craziest or most delicious idea you?ve ever heard.
Maybe they?re crazy and delicious at the same time.
Or perhaps it?s just crazy how delicious they are.
Like the original chocolate Fat Bombs Recipe, this cookie dough version can be low carb, sugar free, keto and vegan friendly, and there?s no baking required.


Just like with my other keto dessert recipes, you don?t need to be on the keto diet to enjoy these. I?m not promoting any specific diet here but am simply sharing a tasty treat that happens to have the option of being both keto and vegan.
The inspiration for the recipe is thanks to a reader who commented that she?d made cookie dough fat bombs from my keto chocolate chip cookies by rolling the dough into balls and not baking them. I love when readers leave comments about variations of my recipes that they?ve tried, because it so often inspires me to try your ideas as well! In this case, her version sounded so easy that I was able to whip up a batch in five minutes flat. I added extra coconut oil to make them firmer and omitted the baking soda since they weren?t being baked, but otherwise it?s the same recipe as the cookies, just in a delightfully unbaked form!

Note: If you?re not on a keto diet and would prefer cookie dough balls with less fat, you can use the same concept with any of my other Healthy Cookies Recipes.
The h...
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Cookie Dough Fat Bombs Cookie Dough Fat Bombs


Source of news: chocolate covered katie
Source of publication: 17-01-2019 18:55
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